Custom Attribute Set : userParameters

Mar 24, 2008 at 5:56 PM
I just figured I would make a note on this particular tab which saved my posterior this past weekend.

We have implemented a new VPN solution at work which involved our VPN client use Microsoft IAS to authenticate users.

In order for this to happen, the "Allow Access" radio button needs to be selected in a users AD account profile. The ADModify application allows us to change this option and propagate it out to all users selected. This modifies the msNPAllowDialin attribute value to TRUE.

However, in a 2003 AD environment, which I was unaware (As was Microsoft's Tech support after a 3-hour phone call without a solution.) there is another attribute which must be modified. The attribute userParameters must be manually modified to "m:(20 spaces)d(30 spaces)" (quotes added to denote proper spacing).

There is no option for this in ADModify, or any other application other than a custom script.

I was able to use the Custom Attribute Set in ADModify, to set a new attribute called userParameters with value "m:(20 spaces)d(30 spaces)"(again, minus quotes) which successfully overwrote the existing attribute and altered the radio button and selection for all 23,000 users.

Just figured I would share my new found love for ADModify, and this little "feature" that might help others out in the future.