Piping in a text file

Aug 14, 2009 at 2:41 PM

All of our home directories are stored in aggregate and one of the aggregates is getting full, thus we need to move the aggregate to new NetApp filer that has more space. 


Here's the problem, we are sharing out the individual home folders instead of the top level folder.  So for example a home folder path is \\someserver.domain.com\username$ and this is the same path that is stored in AD (i know this is bad practice).  It would be easy if we were sharing out home folders by this \\someserve.domain.com\aggregatename\username$ that way i could tell admodify to look for anything with \\someserver.domain.com\aggregatename and update it's information. 

One thing we can do is export all 800 user names out of the aggregate into a text file.  Is it possible to tell admodify the BASEDN of the user objects in active directory and should it find a name that it's in the text file to udpate it's home directory path with the new location?


Many thanks,