Dial-in Tab set to Allow

Aug 18, 2009 at 8:36 PM

Using version 2.1.2761.23468

Domain Controllers Windows 2003 SP2

I need to set 5000+ users Dial-In to "Allow Access" for wireless authenication not through Remote Access Policy.

Wen I run Admodify all change successfully.  I checked this in ADUC and in ADSIedit. msNPAllowDialin.  All have correct settings

I even used the custome tab attribute msNPAllowDialin.

The settings are correct but users cannot connect until I manually go to each account toggle Allow / Deny access for Dial-in.

The error I am getting using Cisco ACS server is Windows dialin permission required for authenication failure code.  That explains it all.

How do I correct this.  I have even used a later version of Admodify 2.1.2651.31252