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Capital first inital in email change causes problems for people with same format all lowercase.


Some of our user base has been created with our new email address format which is in lowercase. I wanted to use AD Modify to go through and update all of our users at the same time using the following: %'sn'%.%'givenName' When I attempt to do that on a user that has the same format but with all lowercase letters, it seems to initially make the change on the general tab email address field, when I click on email address, no SMTP addresses are chosen as primary, and then when I go back to the general tab, the email address has reverted back to the OLD style (which older users still have as an extra and secondary address which was their original email - New users created with all lowercase will not have any address selected as primary.
It seems that AD modify sees a different attribute value, but Active Directory doesn't really care about what is capitalized and what isn't...