Updating Email Address to new format...but wait...

Mar 11, 2008 at 9:28 PM

I just found AD Modify and absolutely am amazed at the possibilities available with this program. The reason I found it is that my organization is going to be moving to a new email address format : lastname.firstname@bizname.biz . About 1/3 of our user base has this new format which its important to note that there are NO CAPITAL letters in the email address fields. The reasons they would have it is if they started with the organization within the last six months when we decided to change over. A few of our older users have this format as well as we've slowly been rolling it out...like if someone gets married, we'd update them to the new format.

All that said, I did some testing with a few test user accounts I created fairly recently. I set up the email address to match the old format (first initial lastname (no space)) Running AD Modify, it updated everything as expected...but with using capitals. That's fine...we don't have a problem with that. When I ran it again against those accounts to simulate the users that already have that new format, it said that the Test User accounts were not modified as the attributes already matched. FAB!

My concern occurred when I actually started to run it against a few of our accounts here in IT... we'd already moved to the new format (with lowercase). Running the same AD Modify job against our user accounts ended up with NO email address selected as primary (as the box was indeed checked in ADM), along with the email address in the General tab reverting to the old format rather than the one we're moving to and that was requested in the ADM email address settings.

I think ADM is having a problem with gathering the Firstname and Lastname fields and then changing the address that is already present with no capitalization and thus replacing it with the same format AND proper capitalization. So the attribute value is different, but it's still the same... and ADM seems a bit confused. I hope that makes some sense.

Any ideas?